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Market Expert Interview - ASKAR BATYRBAYEV

I just finished an interview with Askar Batyrbayev. I consider him among top 3 smartest people in #uranium and #nuclearenergy industry. He is an expert in uranium commercial operations, strategy, marketing, sales and logistics. He worked as a Chief Commercial Officer of the largest uranium producer in the world - Kazatomprom and have around 20 years of experience in the nuclear industry.

I urge you to see every secon of this video, very informative.

Video content:

0:00 Intro

1:01 - 6:11 Askar's uranium path, background

6:12 - 7:42 New, different pysical fund

7:43 - 11:57 Availabile uranium on the market, increase of production

11:58 - 13:41 Runing out of secondary supply

13:42 - 15:02 Utilities coming to the market with RFPs

15:03 - 17:06 Russia short of pounds

17:07 - 19:17 Tightness of uranium market, price movements

19:18 - 23:48 Unused capacity from Kazatomprom & Cameco

23:49 - 29:21 Kazakhstan uranium exports, trading hub in Alasenko

29:22 - 31:12 Western utilities slow in locking supply compared to China & Russia

31:13 - 37:37 Change and additions in top 10 producing countries list

37:38 - 42:39 Uranium spot price projections

42:40 - 43:34 Timing of the news fron new fund

43:35 - 44:38 New Kazatomprom CEO

44:39 - 45:06 End




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