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New CEO Interview- Daniel Major, Goviex Uranium update

I just finished an interview with Daniel Major from Goviex Uranium.

Video content:

0:00 Intro

0:30 - 1:56 Stock performance

1:57 - 3:02 Goviex valuation

3:03 - 6:42 Uranium market & spot price performance

6:43 - 11:55 Mutanga fast track, update, production timeline

11:56 - 12:40 Mutanga exploration potential

12:41 - 15.14 Doing business in Zambia, local and state level

15:15 - 19:52 Niger sitaution and operations update

19:53 - 23:06 Project lending getting more expensive, risks.....

23:07 - 24:56 Paused aspects of developement

24:57 - 25:42 Mali project update

25:43 - 28:06 WNA symposium impressions

28.07 - 28:31 End




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