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Phillip Williams on Consolidated Uranium and Iso Energy merger

Here is my latest interview with Philip Williams where he give us his thoughts and infromations about the propossed transactionon of Consolidated Uranium $cur and Iso Energy $iso merger.



Video content:

0:00 Intro

0:39 - 2:29 Transaction with Iso Energy

2:30 - 4:17 Benefits for $CUR shareholders

4:18 - 4:52 Closing of transaction and terms

4:53 - 6:34 Timing of transaction

6:35 - 7:25 Producing project timeline

7:26 - 8:36 Development of exploration projects

8:37 - 9:41 Premier American Uranium

9:42 - 10:54 Tool milling agreement with Energy Fuels

10:55 - 13:32 Access to capital, moving projects faster

13:33 - 14:46 Strategic shareholders

14:47 - 16:05 Full team after the deal closes

16:06 - 18:25 M&A strategy and focus

18:26 - 19:13 Listing on NYSE

19:14 - 19:39 Name change

19:40 - 20:37 Timeline of possible news

20:38 - 21:02 End


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of this content is a financial advice of any kind or solicitation to buy or sell any equities or other financial products. This contetnt is only for educational and/or entertainment purposes. Do your own deep research before making any financial decisions. I may own stocks mentioned in this content.

Investment in stocks can lead to a big financial loss so do not invest or listen to any advices before you consult your financial advisor.

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