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SKRR Exploration Interview

Hi guys,

today I had an interview with CEO of SKRR Exploration Mr. Sherman Dahl.

They have some interesting assets in Sastkatchewan and BC but for me the most interesting asset they have is a Clearwater West Project project with F3 Uranium. They have option agreement with F3 Uranium to acquire up to a 70% interest in the Clearwater West Property. The Clearwater West Property has around 12,000 hectares.

What got my attention here is the position of this project. They are suraunded by the big boys. 13 km south of Fission Uranium’s Triple R deposit, located 7 km outside the basin edge on its PLS Property, where a Feasibility Study was recently completed, and 17 km south of NexGen’s Arrow uranium deposit. Their south neighbour is Orano with their Preston project.

I do not own shares of this company and the company has paid me for the interview but it has my attention giving the fact that they are a 2M market cap company with 1M in the bank and more projects they plan to monetise.

As always read the disclaimer and do you own DD.

Enjoy the video.

Your Triangle, Lucijan.


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