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Tuesday uranium report

Dear friends,

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What's new on uranium?


Today uranium stocks had a mixed day with volumes mostly bellow their averages.


Out of the 76 uranium/nuclear energy related stocks listed in Canada and US,

19 finished in green territory,

24 stocks flat (some with no volume at all),

33 stocks finished in red territory.

The winner of the day is a small company Red Lake Gold with preston District Uranium project in Saskatchewan.

The looser of the day is Green Shift Commodities Ltd. (formerly U3O8 Corp.).


Out of the 41 uranium/nuclear energy related stocks listed in Australia,

8 finished in green territory,

17 stocks flat (13 with no volume at all),

16 stocks finished in red territory.

The winner of the day is Advale Resorces with 12.50% gain and looser of the day is Calduron energy with 14.28% loss.

Spot price published by Numerco is at 51,35 Usc/Lb


G7 countries involved in nuclear fuel agreement

One of the most important news for nuclear energy in the last 24 hours is that five G7 countries are now involved in nuclear fuel agreement.

The agreement by Canada, France, Japan, the UK and USA is to leverage their civil nuclear power sectors to ensure a stable supply of nuclear fuel for existing and future reactors came as G7 climate, energy and environment ministers concluded a two-day meeting with a promise to accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels.


US to lend Poland $4 billion for nuclear energy development plan

A project to develop small nuclear power reactors in Poland is moving forward, with Polish energy company Orlen and two U.S. government financial institutions signing an agreement Monday.

Poland is turning toward energy that is renewable or does not use climate-changing fossil fuels as it tries to break its reliance on coal. Moscow's invasion of Ukraine also has accelerated Poland's drive to cut its dependence on Russian oil and natural gas.

In a ceremony at the U.S. ambassador's residence in Warsaw, the U.S. Export-Import Bank and U.S. International Development Finance Corporation signed letters of interest to lend up to $3 billion and up to $1 billion, respectively, to the Orlen Synthos Green Energy project. It's aims is to develop around 20 small BWRX-300 modular reactors designed by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy.


3 more days before "new SPUT" is launched

Just 3 days to go before Swiss Zuri-Invest closes their initial US$100 Million placement launching a new uranium AMC physical #U3O8 investing vehicle


Some other interesting uranium/nuclearenergy headlines in media:

- Westinghouse, Tecnatom and Accelerant Solutions Join Forces to Create Nuclear Training Program in U.S., Canada

- The governments of Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance cooperation on the development of small modular reactor technologies in both Canadian provinces

- Terrestrial Energy Achieves Breakthrough with Completion of Molten Salt Reactor Regulatory Review



F3 Announces C$8 Million Bought Deal Private Placement

F3 Uranium announced today a C$8 Million bought deal private placement after yesterday's another, spectacular initial assay results from 12 drill holes.

57.6% U3O8 Over 1.0m within 9.4% over 14.5m in 60m is really spectacular!

This deal is structured at a price of C$0.47 per FT unit on a "bought deal" basis in a private placement and one half of one common share purchase warrant at the same price, for gross proceeds of C$8,000,000. It is a 34% premium by looking at the closing price from yesterday.

(Prepared) Timing on this PP could not be better for the company, announcing impressive results and then do a PP. Nice work guys!

Since they have already approx. C$12,000,000 in the bank with this raise they will be cashed up with approx. C$20,000,000 for the next drilling campaigns as well as for their G&A for a certain period.

On April 3rd I have sold my second tranche of F3 Uranium, cutting my position in half, with average selling price at 0.435 CAD.

I really like what am I seeing here with company projects and the fact that big amount of money goes in the ground, however, as a shareholder I can not ignore the dilution and the share structure. After finishing this raise company will have approx. 360M share outstanding (with 60M warrants) which is a lot considering the stage where company is in the exploration cycle.

That is the main reason why I have cut my position here. My plan is to hold the remaining position and add more if we see a lower 0.20s level.


Nexgen in partnership with the Clearwater River Dene Nation

Nexgen announced the establishment of a 100% Indigenous owned and operated gravel supply company in Northwest Saskatchewan. Continuing to deliver on its industry-leading Impact Benefit Agreement with the CRDN signed in March 2022 NexGen purchased a $4.1M gravel crusher to provide aggregate material for its Rook I project ("Rook I" or the "Project") and to supply the northern communities' aggregate material for road infrastructure requirements. The CRDN member-owned business will lease to own and operate the gravel crusher. The aggregate supply for Rook I has a capital expenditure representing an estimated $36M in value (Rook I Feasibility Study) to the new CRDN-owned business in just the first three years of construction of the Project. This new company will immediately create sixteen (16) additional jobs for local community members.

Every news from Nexgen I am taking with the grain of salt so should you. I will do a company report on Nexgen in the next few weeks.


Traction Uranium Appoints Esteemed Uranium Exploration Geologist Ken Wheatley as Technical Committee Chair

Mr. Wheatley is a Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.) with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists in Saskatchewan. With over 40 years of uranium exploration experience in Canada, Mr. Wheatley started uranium exploration in the 1980’s with Amok Ltd. and Uranerz Exploration and Mining Ltd. where he discovered the BV and the P-Patch uranium occurrences at Key Lake before joining Areva Resources Canada Inc. (now Orano) where he led the exploration team in discovery and delineation of the Midwest A deposit.

I wish you luck Mr. Wheatley in your new venture.

Also company insider Chu Linglin reported trading-disposition of common shares in the public market.

Thank you for your attention.



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