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Uranium Report -Monday May 15, 2023

Greetings dear friends,

U.S. and Canada stocks were mostly higher by the end of trading on today, supported by a bounce in banking sector shares.

Canadian and U.S. #uranium shares finished mostly in red today, just like ASX uranium stocks before them.

We have another rainy cloud over our head this week - efforts to resolve a U.S. debt-ceiling standoff ahead of a potential default.



Out of the 76 #uranium / #nuclearenergy related stocks listed in #Canada and #US

13 finished in green territory,

38 stocks flat

25 stocks finished in red territory.

The winner of the day is Belmont Resources with 33.33% gain and loser of the day is Medaro Mining with 13.33% loss.



Out of the 41 #uranium / #nuclearenergy related #stocks listed in #Australia,

4 finished in green territory,

13 stocks flat ,

24 stocks finished in red territory.

The winner of the day is Havilah Resources energy with 11.76% gain and loser of the day Thor Mining with 20.00% loss.



๐Ÿ“ Staff car park unveiled as Canadian MMR's planned location

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and Global First Power (GFP) have announced a repurposed parking lot at the Chalk River campus as the location where they plan to build and operate a demonstration Micro-Modular Reactor (MMR).

More here:


๐Ÿ“ NuScale SMR simulator opens in Romania

The first simulator for the control room of a NuScale VOYGR small modular reactor (SMR) power plant in Europe has opened at the University Politehnica of Bucharest in Romania. The simulator is the fifth in total, but the first outside the USA.

More here:


๐Ÿ“ Major contract awarded for remaining Bruce refurbishments

Bruce Power has awarded a CAD1.3 billion (USD1 billion) contract for fuel channel and feeder replacement (FCFR) for its remaining four Major Component Replacement (MCR) projects to Shoreline Power Group. The announcement comes as fuel loading begins at Bruce unit 6 ahead of that unit's planned return to service on completion of its MCR.



๐Ÿ“ Anfield Energy Files its Preliminary Economic Assessment for its Velvet-Wood and Slick Rock Uranium and Vanadium Projects

The PEA indicates: 1) a pre-tax project internal rate of return (โ€œIRRโ€) of 40% and a net present value (โ€œNPVโ€) of US$238 million; and 2) a post-tax IRR of 33% and an NPV of $197 million, based on a discount rate of 8% and a uranium price of US$70 per pound, along with a vanadium price of US$12 per pound.

Total weighted-average Direct OPEX (i.e., between Velvet-Wood and Slick Rock) estimated at US$244 per ton of mined and processed material.

The total cost to produce saleable uranium and vanadium products (i.e. Direct OPEX per ton plus CAPEX per ton) is US$290 per ton, compared to an estimated gross value of US$741 per ton (based on a uranium price of US$70 per pound and a vanadium price of US$12 per pound).

Average annual production of approximately 750,000 pounds of uranium and 2.5 million pounds of vanadium per year is estimated over the 15-year mine life.


๐Ÿ“ F3 Hits 16.1% U3O8 over 3.0m within 4.6% over 12.5m in 75m Step-out from A1 Discovery

F3 Uraniumannounce final results from the 9 remaining drill holes of the 21 hole Winter 2023 program, including drill hole PLN23-061, drilled at the JR Zone on the Patterson Lake North (PLN) property. The analysis for PLN23-061, cored 75m grid south from the discovery hole, returned one continuous 12.5m interval averaging 4.6% U3O8, including a high-grade 5.0m interval averaging 10.9% U3O8, which further includes a 3.0m interval which assayed 16.1% U3O8.

Planning is in progress for a $12M summer exploration program, scheduled to commence early June, to continue JR Zone expansion, in addition to exploration along the A1 Main Shear Zone where previous drilling in 2014 and 2019 intersected the same structure as what is interpreted to be hosting the JR Zone. The work permits for the program have been received from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.

Final assay results from 7 mineralized drill holes are disclosed below in Table 1, including drill holes PLN23-053 through PLN23-059, and drill holes PLN23-061 and PLN23-062.


๐Ÿ“ Elevate Uranium Ltd to Attend 121 Mining Investment Conference in New York

Elevate Uranium Ltd announced the company is participating in the upcoming 121 Mining Investment Conference in New York City.

121 Mining Investment New York will be hosting over 80 mining companies and more than 300 sophisticated investors for two days of pre-arranged, targeted 1-2-1 meetings. This year's event is being held on June 5-6.




Thank you for your attention.



IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of this content is a financial advice of any kind or solicitation to buy or sell any equities or other financial products. This contetnt is only for educational and/or entertainment purposes. Do your own deep research before making any financial decisions.

I may own stocks mentioned in this content.

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