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CEO & Market Expert Interviews is a series of interviews with an excellent source of information for investors interested in investing in uranium, gold, silver, copper and other commodities. We cover the macro story with well-known guests from commodity world and host company CEOs where we try to bring the details of a certain company, plans and important metrics closer to the average investor. You can find this content on YouTube chanel :

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Jon Bey, Standard Uranium

Michael Konnert, Viszla Silver Corp.

Peter Grandich

Thomas Lamb, Myriad Uranium

Rick Rule, Rule Investment Media

Eric Krafft, Leading Edge Materials

Bram Vanderelst, Curzon Uranium

Sean Wade, Power Metal Rersources

Phillip Williams on Consolidated Uranium and Iso Energy merger

Askar Batyrbayev

David Morgan, The Morgan Report

Justin Huhn, Uranium Insider

Andy Carmichael, Cosa Resources

Dr. Rebecca Hunter, Forum Energy Metals

George Glasier, Western Uranium & Vanadium

John Lee, Silver Elephant Mining

Andrew Ferrier, Okapi Resources

Per Jander, WMC

Daniel Major, Goviex Uranium

Fergus Cullen - Trader Ferg

Amir Adnani, Uranium Energy Corp.

Dev Randhawa, F3 Uranium Corp.& Strathmore Plus uranium

Richard Mazur, Forum Energy Metals

Mark Chalmers, Energy Fuels Inc.

James Sykes, Baselode Energy Corp.

Corey Dias, Anfield Energy Inc.

Marc Henderson, Laramide Resourced Ltd.

Mike Alkin, Sachem Cove Partners

Shawn Khunkhun, Dollv Varden Silver

John Borshoff, Depp Yellow Ltd.

Chris Timmins, Pegasus Resources Inc.

Nick Hodge, Resource Stock Digest

Jordan Trimble, Skyharbour Resources Ltd.

David Cates, Denison Mines Corp.

John Jentz, Latitude Uranium Inc.

Philip Williams, Consolidated Uranium Inc.

Daniel Major, Goviex Uranium Inc.

Brandon Munro, Bannerman Energy Ltd

Terry Papineau

Warren Irwin, Rosseau Asset Management

Scott Melbye, Uranium Energy Corp.

Rick Rule, Rule Investment Media

Paul Goranson, enCore Energy Corp.

James Sykes, Baselode Energy Corp.

Corey Dias, Anfield Energy Inc.

Daniel Major, GoviEx Uranium Inc.

Christian Timmins, Pegasus Resources Inc.

John Cash, Ur Energy Corp.

Justin Huhn, Uranium Insider

Dev Randhawa, F3 Uranium Corp.

Thomas Lamb, Myriad Uranium Corp.

Stephen Roman, Global Atomic

Lobo Tiggre, Independent Speculator

Keith Bodnarchuk, Cosa Resources Corp.

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