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Interview with Dr. Rebecca Hunter from Forum Energy Metals

Hi friends,

Just finished the interview with Dr. Rebecca Hunter, VP of exploration for Forum Energy Metals Corp. (TSX-V: FMC | OTCQB:FDCFF)

Rebecca has has over 15 years experience as a uranium exploration geologist in Saskatchewan and Nunavut. As a project geologist for Cameco from 2005-2016, Rebecca led the Turaqvik-Aberdeen exploration project. We talked about their discovery on their 100%owned Thelon Basin project, plans for the 2024. drilling and more.

Take a look and enjoy.


You can find out more about the company at their website

Video content:

0:00 Intro

0:38 Rebecca Hunter career with Cameco, background

3:27 Explanation of the unconformity type uranium deposit

6:33 Significance of grade

7:46 Difference between exploration land in the Athabasca Basin Thelon Basin

9:44 Thelon Basin project, the potential

13:26 Meters drilled so far

14:10 Plans for the next drilling

16:06 Defining 43-101 resource steps

16:45 Drilling costs

17:55 Different approach in drilling and interpreting results, artificial intelligence

18:43 Wildcat drilling

20:35 Uranium mineralisation simmilar to Arrow and Eagle point, some other simmilarities

22:19 Exploration history on Thelon Basin project

24:10 Relationship with Orano

24:49 Project location, infastructure and geological trend

25:57 Working force for 2024 drilling

27:48 Athabasca assets, advancing projects

29:54 Exploration status and geological caratcertistics Henday project

31:43 Clearwater project

33:03 Grease River project


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