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Interview with John Borshoff, July 31, 2023.


few minutes ago I have finnished an interview with John Borshoff Deep Yellow Ltd. CEO. (ASX:DYL/ OTC:DYLLF).

We discussed about #uranium and #nuclearenergy, Lt contracts, political jurisdictions, company projects and plans as well as some questions from investors.

John, as most of you know, is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to uranium and nuclear energy. His business background in the industry is well known.

This is the video content:

0:00 CEO Introduction, overview

5:54 - 8:18 Retirement timing

8:19 - 15:17 Violent move for uranium stocks, catalyst

15:18 - 19:46 Situation in Niger

19:47 - 21:39 The magnitude of the crisis

21:40 - 29:47 LT uranium conntracts and the future

29:48 - 37:14 Namibian projects

37:15 - 41:31 Mulga Rock (Australia)

41:32 - 44:36 Aligator project (Australia)

44:37 - 47:43 Q&A, Uranium mines restarts

47:44 - 49:00 $8M credits from Australian government

49:01 - 50:15 M&A in Aligator River

50:16 - 52:58 Takeover bids for Tumas project

52:59 - 54:05 Capacity producing numbers

54:06 - 57:01 Who do you respect the most in uranium sector

57:02 - 58:41 Seeking bigger stake in the project from the government

58:42 -1:00:13 Explanation about greenfield tenement in Northern Teritory

1:00:14 - 1:00:47 End


Your Triangle, Lucijan.


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