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Per Jander Interview, October 4

Here is my latest interview with Per Jander, uranium trader, WMC director, Sprott Physical Uranium Trust tecnical advisor, former Cameco manager, who joined me in my show where we discussed #uranium and #nuclearenergy related hot topics, as well he explained few things about uranium trading.I believe you will like it.



Video content:

0:00 Intro

0:36 - 3:58 Per Jander background and uranium path

3:59 - 6:18 Process of buying and selling uranium

6:19 - 8:47 How tight is the uranium market

8:48 - 9:39 Buying bigger quantities of uranium

9:40 - 11:52 RFPs impact on the spot price

11:53 - 14:23 Material from unknown sources

14:24 - 15:33 Spot market drying up scenario

15:34 - 17:15 Contracting cycle

17:16 - 18:52 Would you sign off -take agreements if you were CEO of uranium company

18:53 - 20:47 New physical funds

20:48 - 23:47 What are you hearing from other participants on the market

23:48 - 24:37 Uranium spot in 12 months

24:38 - 26:20 Bear scenarios on the physical uranium market

26:21 - 27.12 Bullish on some other commodities

27:13 - 29:10 SMRs

29:11 -29:32 End


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of this content is a financial advice of any kind or solicitation to buy or sell any equities or other financial products. This contetnt is only for educational and/or entertainment purposes. Do your own deep research before making any financial decisions. I may own stocks mentioned in this content.

Investment in stocks can lead to a big financial loss so do not invest or listen to any advices before you consult your financial advisor.

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