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Uranium Report + Warren Irwin interview Wednesday July 5, 2023

Greetings my friends,

main indexes are lower today following economic data from the U.S. and China, while stocks held losses after the release of minutes from the Federal Reserve's latest meeting.

Fed agreed to hold interest rates steady at the June meeting as a way to buy time and assess whether further rate hikes would be needed.

Before we touch on the news I give you my new video which I had with Warren Irwin, a bit controversial guy, but a very smart guy. I disagree with him on a lot of things but sometimes it is a good thing to hear some story from all the angles.

Here is the interview:

For #uranium, still the biggest news from yesterday is F3 Uranium $fuu.

They came out (again) with some spectacular results.

I had the opportunity to talk with people from the company and I can say that they are really excellent individuals, each of whom knows what they are doing.

They announced scintillometer results from the initial eight holes out of of the planed 30-hole summer drill program at the JR Zone on the PLN property.

These results include four high grade intercepts.

Drill hole PLN23-068 tested for mineralization 22 meters up-dip of the high grade intercept reported in PLN23-060 (see NR April 17, 2023) on line 060S and intersected mineralization over a 19.0m interval, including 6.00m off-scale radioactivity (>65,535 cps) between 234.00m and 245.00m, 5.00m of which is continuous. The JR Zone was extended grid south to line 135S, a 50% increase in the JR Zone strike length to 156m, after stepping out 30m from line 105S, where PLN23-66 hit 16.5m of composite mineralization between 219.0m and 260.5m.

Main Intercepts:

PLN23-063 (line 030S):

13.5m mineralization from 233.0m - 246.5m, including

0.70m continuous mineralization of >10,000 cps radioactivity between 237.30m - 238.00m

0.43m continuous mineralization of >10,000 cps radioactivity between 243.73m - 244.16m

PLN23-064 (line 105S):

17.5m mineralization from 233.0m - 250.5m, including

0.40m composite mineralization of >10,000 cps radioactivity between 237.88m - 241.5m with a peak of 35,500 cps over 0.12m from 237.88m - 238.00m

PLN23-065 (line 0755S):

3.5m mineralization from 242.0m - 245.5m

PLN23-066 (line 105S):

16.5m composite mineralization from 219.0m - 260.5m, including

0.21m of mineralization of > 10,000 cps radioactivity between 248.79m - 249.0m with a peak of 11,700 cps

PLN23-067 (line 135S):

16.5m mineralization from 222.0m - 238.5m

PLN23-069 (line 135S):

1.5m mineralization from 228.5m - 230.0m

PLN23-070 (line 135S):

6.0m composite mineralization from 232.0m - 244.5m

Enjoy today's newletter.




Out of the 76 #uranium / #nuclearenergy related stocks listed in #Canada and #US

11 finished in green territory,

29 stocks flat

36 stocks finished in red territory.

The winner of the day is Aurania Resources with 19.18% gain and loser of the day is Sassy resources with 21.05% loss.



Out of the 41 #uranium / #nuclearenergy related #stocks listed in #Australia,

13 finished in green territory,

13 stocks flat ,

15 stocks finished in red territory.

The winner of the day is GTI Resources with 33.33% gain and loser of the day Emperor Energy with 11.76% loss.



📝South Korea forms SMR Alliance

A public-private partnership comprised of 42 state-run and private entities has been created to advance Korea's small modular reactor (SMR) sector. The alliance aims to establish plans to revitalise the country's SMR industry within the next year.



📝 IAEA seeks wider access for Zaporizhzhia inspections

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi says that the agency's experts at the site have not observed any indications of mines or explosives at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, but says they have requested additional access, including to the rooftop of two reactors.



📝 Seaborg switches fuel plans because of HALEU timeline risks

The Danish developer of floating Compact Molten Salt Reactors, Seaborg, has decided to change the fuel type for the initial power barges to low-enriched uranium (LEU) "due to the risks associated with developing a sufficient supply of high-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU)" to meet its planned timeline.


📝Installation of Haiyang 4 containment starts

The containment vessel bottom head (CVBH) for unit 4 at the Haiyang nuclear power plant in China's Shandong province has been installed 40 days ahead of schedule, the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI) has announced.



📝 Cameco and Bruce Power Celebrate Extension of Long-Term Arrangements for Nuclear Fuel Through 2040

Cameco (TSX: CCO; NYSE: CCJ) and Bruce Power celebrate today the extension of their long-term exclusive nuclear fuel supply arrangements for an additional 10 years through to 2040. This inter-provincial collaboration secures decades of Canadian-made nuclear energy that is essential to building a path to net-zero, while creating good jobs and benefitting ratepayers.


📝Uranium Royalty Announces Graduation to TSX

Company announced that it has received final approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX") for the listing of its common shares ("Shares") and common share purchase warrants expiring December 6, 2024 ("Warrants") on the TSX.

The Company's Shares and Warrants will begin trading on the TSX effective July 6, 2023, and will continue to trade under the stock symbols "URC" and "URC.WT", respectively.

As a result of the graduation of URC to the TSX, its Shares and Warrants will no longer trade on the TSX Venture Exchange and will be voluntarily delisted from the TSX Venture Exchange, effective as of market close on July 5, 2023. Shareholders are not required to exchange their share certificates or take any other action in connection with the TSX listing.



✍️Companies covered:

  1. Bannerman Energy $, 1D chart &1M chart, both with comments.

  2. Elevate Uranium $el8 1W chart &1M chart, both with comments.



EL8 1M

EL8 1W

Thank you for your attention.



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